‚ÄčAPEX is a special education program for students meeting the criteria established by the state of Tennessee for identification of intellectually gifted students.  This program provided for identified students in grades three through five is a Pullout program designed to emphasize critical and creative thinking; research and study skills; problem-solving; communication skills; leadership skills; and development of quality projects within a curriculum rich in academic content.
The State of Tennessee Criteria for Programs for the Intellectually Gifted is as follows:
(A)  A child is assessed through a multi-modal identification process, wherein no singular mechanism criteria or cutoff score is used for determination of eligibility.  Areas assessed and evaluated for eligibility determination include:

  1. Academic Performance
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Academic Achievement
  4. Cognitive/Intellectual Ability

(B)  Eligibility for an individual child is based on analysis of this information.  The screening and comprehensive assessment data results must meet specific eligibility standards based on multiple criteria and multiple assessment measures. Parents, teachers or administrators may refer students for APEX.  Parents requesting screening should contact the school principal for a review of student data or other program information.

Meet the APEX teacher, Ms. Ginny Tomlinson, by visiting her website.